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Every gamer’s dream is to live a life that is all about gaming.

But that seems like a very impractical dream to have because no one gets paid to play games all day, or do they?

A very important part of the video gaming process is the testing stage.

All companies offer video game testing jobs and with the right background, you could become one of the official game testers and draw a paycheck for playing games all day.

What is the reality of making a living doing this?

The reality is that you can make a very good living as a games tester; only your official title will be more along the lines of Quality Control or Quality Assurance.

Before a game is fully released it goes through several smaller releases (alpha, beta and so on) for the purpose of allowing testers try and find all the bugs and flaws in the product.

This stage is as essential as the programming development stage as it is all about how the code enters our perceived reality.

While you will never earn six figures in this position, it will allow you a decent living.

Just because you are a mad gamer doesn’t mean you’re qualified

Being good at playing a game or figuring it out is not the same as knowing what has to go into a game to make it successful and engaging.

You have to learn to see past the game play to the interdependence of all the elements involved and most importantly, you have to be able to track and detail continuity.

Games are made by their ability to maintain continuity from the logic of the storyline to the way that elements are used by the game engine and the players.

To have one part become illogical, lost or suddenly appear breaks the illusion that is necessary to engage players.

The official title for a tester should give you a clue about the reality of the role – quality assurance.

This job carries a lot of responsibilities with it. The playing games part is just a small piece of what you will be doing.

Keep in mind that sometimes choosing to make a career out of something we love to do for entertainment can sometimes make it less enjoyable.

You really have to love all aspects of gaming to survive in this position.

How to go about getting a job

The first step to applying for video game testing jobs is to build a resume of experience and training.

One of the best ways to do this is to begin to write reviews of games and submit them to gaming sites.

There are also degree and certificate programs available to help you to get specialized training that will help you to stand out among the applicants.

Another sure fire way to get in is to create your own game.

Often, independent developers are asked to join larger companies first as game testers and then as part of the development team.




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