Video Game Tester Salary

If you want to make money from home, you should have an idea of the video game tester salary. Video game companies usually require the opinion of gamers on how good a particular video game is before being released.

Those who give an opinion are required to carry out many tests to determine if the game has the right designing characters, features and user-friendliness. During tests, they are also to check whether or not all the levels are working well, as that is another thing which influences the experience of the player.

What is the Video Game Tester Salary?

This is a common question asked by those interested in game testing.

Most times, the video game tester salary ranges from $15,000 to $20,000, and could even be as high as $80,000 to $120,000 every year. As a game tester, the amount you make depends on the number of jobs you get; another important factor is the developer who is hiring you.

Some other thing which should be known about the video game tester salary will be further explained.

A game tester earns $7 to $22 per hour, based on his level of experience. For instance, if you are a mid-level tester, and the job you get pays $20 per hour, you may be required to dedicate 40 to 50 hours per week because of the inflexible deadlines of the developers who hired you.

Working for a minimum of 40 hours every week makes you to earn at least $500, which is still a very good thing. It is a weekly income that most testers would be interested in, as the job would give at least $2800 per month – a good way to work from home.

Work Experience

Work experience is an important thing which affects the video game tester salary.

Your experience affects the way you handle and detect bugs in games, and if developers are always willing to pay more to those who have more experience, as you could detect bugs that a beginner would fail to identify.

However, it is not difficult to have the necessary skill with time, many companies upload online games for testing – a good do-it-yourself kit for those who are just starting in the game testing world. Practicing game testing online enables you to have more experience, and this would be reflected in what you do, thus increasing your video game tester salary.

Other Important Things

The video game tester salary can also be increased by considering some other things.

One of them is that you should be fluent in English, as that is the language in which the different controls of most games are written.

This enables you to identify wrong spelling and grammar issues in the user manual or help pages of the games. In addition to being familiar with your computer, you should have the working knowledge of spreadsheets, Word documents and programs, and know many things about the gaming industry.

The video game tester salary is high for those who are committed. Even as you are paid on a per-job basis, you could still be making a living.

So now that you know how much a video game tester salary is you should read some info on how to become a game tester icon smile Video Game Tester Salary


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