How To Make Money Playing Games

get paid to play games

One of the interesting things for most people is when they have time to play games. However, what many of the do not know is that they could make money playing games. There are many gaming companies and websites giving people with internet access the opportunity to make some hundreds of dollars through the process. One method that is common is that certain websites allow you to play some games free of charge, and if you play the games well, you will be paid some money. The websites only earn income through the ads they display. The good news is that there are other ways of making money – it is through game testing.


According to statistics, the gaming industry is worth over $65 billion, making there to be stiff competition among the major and minor players. Before the launching of a new game, the developers usually request for the opinion of gamers to know how good the game is. Those who do the beta testing that is given are those who are not just game lovers but also who are concerned with the necessary features. This testing makes them to release what people really want instead of producing products of low quality, a good way of saving millions or even billions of dollars.


Beta Versions


Gaming companies usually require gamers to test the beta versions of their games before being released commercially. The beta version is the prototype of the game which is not yet released. This means that you could make money by testing the latest video games many of your friends do not have access to. You are to check the games for bugs and errors, and make suggestions on how the version could be improved before being released. This is how to make money playing games.


To be successful in this career and make a lot of money, there are certain things required. The first one is that you should have a computer with large hard-drive memories to enable the games to play very well. In addition, the computer should have excellent video and game cards. It is also a requirement to have game consoles such as Xbox 360, Sony PlayStation and WII to be able to try products in different formats. That is how to make money playing games.


Salary and Benefits for Game Testers


The amount paid to a game tester depends of the type of game and the gaming company involved, but in most cases, the hourly pay is usually $15, though it is still possible to be paid between $20 and $25 per hour. With time, as you gain experience on the job, you should expect to make more money. In addition to the salary, the benefits of taking part are flexible working hours, access to the latest games, and living the way you like while you work from home. It is still common for the gaming company to offer you some other programming jobs after seeing how good you are at game testing.


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