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One of the interesting things for most people is when they have time to play games. However, what many of the do not know is that they could make money playing games. There are many gaming companies and websites giving… Read More »

Video Game Tester Salary

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If you want to make money from home, you should have an idea of the video game tester salary. Video game companies usually require the opinion of gamers on how good a particular video game is before being released. Those… Read More »

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Every gamer’s dream is to live a life that is all about gaming. But that seems like a very impractical dream to have because no one gets paid to play games all day, or do they? A very important part… Read More »

How To Become A Game Tester

By Game Tester, July 6, 2012 3 Uncategorized

Alison Maxwell works as a games tester in Sheffield, and has the job of testing new computer games. But it’s not all play and no work, as she explains how to become a games tester… Can you describe your role… Read More »