Become A Video Game Tester

Become A Video Game Tester

Many people still do not believe that gaming companies require hundreds of people to test their games before being released commercially. The truth is that the passion for gaming can open doors of opportunities for you, even making you to work from home. One of the growing industries today is that of video gaming, and they know that any game with flaws could make them to lose billions of dollars, in addition to suffering the loss of interest by the millions of gamers in the world.


Game testing lets you have access to the latest unreleased versions of different games. To become a video game tester, you are expected to check for any problem, flaw, bug or error in the game, and make recommendations on how each of them could be improved. Then, the game designers will go to work, making the modification necessary before the game is officially released to the public. However, in addition to playing the games for free, you will get paid for it. There are millions of people already working from home through this process, earning hundreds and thousands of dollars every month.


How to Become a Video Game Tester


The first thing to be aware of in game testing is that there is a difference between games and software applications. Games are played by an audience which is much wider, while software applications are used by small target audience. Therefore, an opinion is usually needed from the members of the gaming public. Therefore, to become a video game tester, these are some of the things you should do:


  1. In the gaming world, a lot of developments are taking place frequently. Therefore, you should keep yourself informed with the latest developments. This will enable you to have the right skills for the job.


  1. Send a detailed resume, including your gaming experience, educational details, and experience in game beta testing to the company. They will then send a copy of the beta version of the game to be tested, in addition to instructions on what you are to do.


  1. Though no formal education is needed to be a game tester, it is a good idea to have an idea of software development and be familiar with the basics of software testing. You should be aware that the beta version of the game to be tested may not be sleek, and the things you only need to check are bugs and problems with the functioning of all the features promised.


Start Making Money Today


If you want to make money from home, you should become a video game tester. Game developing companies such as Sony and Microsoft are in need of people who would help in testing their games before commercial release. Therefore, they are willing to pay you for the testing. This is a good way of making money from home while doing what you love. You will be given a feedback form online to provide the response after the testing. After that, your paycheck will be sent to you.


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